LVAC Las Vegas Athletic Club

Las Vegas Athletic Club (LVAC) operates 7 large fitness centers and health clubs around the greater Las Vegas Valley. For this project we have completely redesigned the main website for all LVAC information and also a "Non-Members" conversion focused site. For the main website we have redesigned the look of the site, restructured the user flow, and have added custom functionality. The new site design is device agnostic, allowing a full site experience from any device or screen size without disrupting the user experience while strengthening the company's brand. The custom development features added to the site include a complete class search for all locations, online membership management tools, a reservations system, and a fully secure on-site payment system. The "Non-Members" site was designed as a single page parallax website, to give visitors a quick impression of all the services that LVAC has to offer. This site is also responsive and contains a custom contact form allowing prospective member to schedule a visit to a location of their choice.
Client LVAC
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