Vegas Give Camp Coding for Charity

The idea for the first ever Las Vegas GiveCamp was developed during a series of powerful community networking and brainstorming gatherings in downtown Las Vegas called "Usr/Share". During each gathering, passionate downtown community leaders and volunteers worked hard to refine the plans for the Vegas GiveCamp event with the help of successful past Givecamps held in over 50 US cities across the country which have provided millions of dollars in free technology development services for non-profits.

All in web Pro stepped up to the task of designing and implementing the web layout, logo design, and part of the content for the site for free to support the event.

Vegas GiveCamp is a unique and powerful platform that provides free technology and design services to the greater Las Vegas area non-profits.  The event is so exciting because it is the first community founded downtown Las Vegas event that bridges the gap between the exciting new fast growing technology scene here with all of the other major communities in the city. It's something everyone can get involved in, and is going to benefit literally every resident in Las Vegas.

Vegas GiveCamp is an unprecedented event that is going to create real measurable change in the lives of thousands of Las Vegans, and All in Web Pro is honored to be part of it's original development and current organizational team.

Client Vegas Give Camp
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