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seo rank tracking reportsGet free monthly keyword Rank Tracking Reports for your TOP 5 KEYWORD PHRASES that your customers use to search for you in Google! See how you rank against your competition! We’ll start tracking your rankings right away and send you an initial report once it’s setup. Then you’ll receive reports once-a-month to show how your website performs.

Do’s & Don’ts for choosing your Top 5 Keyword Phrases
1: DO use 5 completely different keyword phrases, skip pluralization pairs.
2: DO add “Las Vegas” before or after your keywords to localize the searches.
3: DO pick the MOST SIMPLE 5 phrases people use to search.
4: DON’T use any terms that are very similar like “Las Vegas Dentist” & “Dentists Las Vegas”.
5: DON’T use your business name, anyone using it already knows who you are.

Example of a Good Keyword Phrase list for a CPA Firm:
Las Vegas Tax Experts
Las Vegas CPA
Las Vegas Tax Firm
Las Vegas CPA for Businesses
Las Vegas Tax Advisors

5 Free Keywords SEO Rank Report Sign-Up

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  • Type ONE Keyword Phrase per line, or separate with commas. Ex. "Teeth Whitening Las Vegas", and "Las Vegas Commercial Realtors"