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At All in Web Pro, based in Las Vegas Web Development Services are a core part of the wide range of web design & graphic design services we offer to accelerate and grow online brands and businesses. Our dedicated web development team is ready to to build advanced database driven applications from scratch to your specifications so you can utilize the power of the latest web development software practices and create the web application or platform you need. Or if you’re looking to build something small but unique we have the flexibility to initiate and complete multi-phased web development strategies that help you create highly custom or interactive features without having to incur heavy development costs or build an entire system from scratch. In a nutshell, we can do it all.

Web Design vs Web Development

Although web design and web development as specialties have much in common and some overlap, they each represent distinct fields of specialty that are clearly defined when you understand how website frameworks are connstructed and the languages and tasks required to perform each on a professional basis.

What is Web Design?

Web Design generally refers to designing and implementing the layout, graphics, content, and front-end interface elements that website visitors see and interact with. Web Designers also are responsible for advanced setup and organization of backend features and settings of any website that is developed using a CMS (content management system) framework such as WordPress, SquareSpace, Drupal, or some other pre-existing platform designed to make web development faster but still requiring technical know-how or allowing for advanced features and settings to be added. Web Designers also typically are versed in front-end web languages such as some derivative of HTML, plus CSS, and perhaps even javascript which is technically a scripting language that is considered a programming language in its own right.

What is Web Development?

Web Development on the other hand is widely regarded as the writing of the source code of software programs using a programming language such as PERL, PHP, Ruby, Python, JASON, etc. The WordPress platform for example is is a software program written in PHP and utilizes the popular MySQL database language to send and retrieve data from a database on the hosting server. Programming languages used to create websites often are used to process data requests, perform advanced logic functions, or execute simple tasks such as displaying the current time or sending an email to a website owner when a form is completed. All of these languages utilize a common set of data structure systems and program functions that allow multi-layered and organized functions and features to be created that allow complex platforms and website applications to run everyday. Web Development is typically performed by a person who has received some form of academic or independent programming education that empowers them to write and edit the code files that constitute the detailed backend functions of a website.

Finding Las Vegas Web Development Experts

Because there are many different web development languages available today, with varying popularity among developers and unique sets of advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to as some specific questions to help make sure you’re choosing the right Web Development expert, whether they’re in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world.

1. What programming languages does a developer use and why?

Today some of the most popular web development programming languages are Phython, Ruby, PHP, and more. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. One key factor is that once your project has been developed using one programming language you’re web application can only ever be edited or maintained by a web developer who knows the language. You can’t change to a different programming language unless you develop a completely new application from scratch. With few exceptions you’ll need to ensure that the web programming language you choose is common enough that there are other developers available to take over in case your web developer becomes unavailable or you decide to work with a different web developer in the future. Another important point to note is that certain web programming languages are unable to perform the same tasks that others can, such as updating the content of a web page without having to load a new page, which is becoming a more common element in many websites and is performed by using Javascript programming to create dynamic interactions that website users can see. Although these are often built into most programming frameworks used by expert developers, it may make a difference if you’re trying to create a unique graphical animation from scratch or want to have new data stored in the database appear in real-time without the user having to click on a button or link. Often, professional web developers will learn multiple programming languages to keep up with the latest trends in web development and to improve their skill sets and become more valuable to companies looking to hire versatile developers to work on their web applications and projects.

2. Has your web developer worked on different types of projects?

It’s important to understand how much experience in what languages, software environments, applications your potential web developer has. It’s different for every developer and some excel in one type of application or website framework while lacking experience in others. It’s good to work with a web developer who has had experience working on different types of applications for different businesses, or at least fully understands all of the business functions and features your website should have and the reasons why you have them and how your users will benefit from them.

3. How many years has your web developer been programming?

In general, it’s illustrative to know how many years your web developer has been using the coding languages that they use to program and build web applications, and how many years they’ve been doing it professionally. Because web developers can often work with several different kinds of programming languages or sometimes spend years working on one specific application, knowing how many years they’ve been in the industry working professionally can give you a good measure for how much experience they have working with clients professionally and how reliably they can execute your project because of the amount of experience they’ve had in similar scenarios.

4. Does your web developer offer you multiple development options?

There are always many different ways any web development project can be executed, and it’s a mistake to hear a pitch for a web development assignment and immediately have only one option available for how to develop it. Because every application has multiple features and user-options, there are always different ways an application can be created, excluding or including certain features and waiting for a later phase of the project to build out the final pieces. You may way to build an MVP (minimum viable product) version of your application as Phase 1, and afterwards develop additional features in a 2nd or 3rd phase of the project. This can save time and money by giving you an opportunity to test your platform early on and learn about user behavior before investing in additional features which might need to be changed after receiving feedback from real users. If your web developer doesn’t suggest or value investigating multiple development options for your project, you should absolutely seek second opinions from other developers to verify whether there are alternative routes to development with different budgets and timelines.

Why Use Las Vegas Web Development Companies?

It's easier to work with local businesses

If you’re based in Las Vegas it can be extremely convenient and helpful to have a web development team located in your city that you can meet with in person to discuss your projects, develop a strong business relationship with, and get to know much better than a development team that you can only video chat with or interact with by phone or email. The most powerful form of communication today is in-person interaction, and when you can see and work with a developer directly you can become much more familiar with their operation and they will be more invested in you as a client because you can refer more local clients and businesses to them over time, much more than if you were out-of-state or out of the country. It also means they’ll be an increased level of accountability and follow-through when you both belong to the same community and are invested in creating a long-term positive business partnership with them.

Las Vegas Web Development is More Affordable than in Other Major Cities

If you’re located outside of Las Vegas, you most likely are in a larger metropolitan area such as Los Angeles, New York, Denver, etc, and tend to pay more for web development services simply because the cost of living in your city is much higher than that of Las Vegas. In fact, it’s been shown that because the cost of living in Las Vegas is so low, it’s actually cheaper to live in Las Vegas and commute by airplane each day for a 4 day work week than it is to live in San Francisco directly. In a nutshell, we can deliver the same high quality level of web design, graphic design, and web development services as companies in your city but at a much more affordable rate!

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