Web Design


If you're new to web development, it's important to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of web design so you can better weigh your options when deciding what particular kind of website you'd like.

If you're looking to sell a product online or allow visitors to pay for something through your website, this falls under the category of "e-commerce". If you'd like to let your users create accounts, upload their own information to your site, interact with a custom database, or use some specially made program or application this would be called 'custom programming' or 'web application development'. The term "web design" applies to both of these kinds of websites but can also be used to describe other kinds of websites including "landing pages", "informational sites", "blogs", "portfolio sites", "coming soon pages", designing the graphics and layout of a website, and the setup and management of the code and content of a site.

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Graphic Design


Our graphic design services fall under two primary categories, designs created to be displayed on the 'web' and those made for 'print'. Graphics created for the web include designs relating to the construction of websites, and also online advertisements and ad banners, website logos, large homepage banners welcoming visitors to your site, animation elements, and social media graphics. Print graphics include business cards, letterhead and other business collateral, brochures and handouts, posters, flyers, postcards, and more.

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Search engines don't call you up on the phone to learn more about your business so they can rank you appropriately in their search results for the right keyword searches. They don't automatically know how long you've been in business, how strong your reputation is in your local area, or which businesses you outperform regularly. That's where SEO comes in to give your brand the credibility and respect with search engines that you deserve.

We work hard to optimize your website to ensure that your brand is communicated to both human visitors as well as robots that search engines send out to analyze your website. Additionally, we develop strong off-site influence for your website to build external credibility and satisfy the other half of the search engine reputation equation.

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Social Media


There's no doubt that social media is playing a crucial role in how fans and customers interact with brands online, but how do we know how to best utilize these new platforms to engage our users, build brand awareness, and foster new communities? These are important questions for every business to ask, and the answer can be different depending on your brand, target demographic, and type of service or product. Let us help you develop a strategy with measurable goals that will take your social media presence to the next level and generate social ROI.

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Web Hosting


Our hosting services grew out of our experience working with our web design client's and seeing some of the common problems that emerged when our clients contacted their hosting companies to solve issues, or while working directly with hosting clients on our client's behalf. We discovered that too often hosting company's are out of touch with the needs and desires of users who are new to website, domain, and email administration. It became necessary to find a better solution for our clients, and with these needs in mind we developed our in-house hosting solution.

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