Graphic Design is a term that describes the creation of visual elements which may be used in any form or medium, although in 2016 typically graphic design connotes the creation of images that at some point are represented using digital information to display the image in 2 dimensions.

Graphic Design Used in Web Design

Graphic Design in the context of web design and creating images and designs used in websites is normally performed using complex graphical software such as but not limited to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. These programs allow a graphic designer to manipulate existing graphics or create new graphics including animated gif file graphics from scratch. There are many different types of graphical files that these programs can create, including common graphic files that websites use and most people are familiar with such as Jpeg, gif, or png files. Other files that represent complex editable layers which these programs can use include .PSD and .Ai files among others.

Professional Graphic Design Services

There are many types of Graphic Design services that various types of agencies can offer to someone looking for digital or print graphics. Because graphic design is used in a wide ranger of marketing and branding applications as well as architecture, printed materials, wraps and labels on physical objects and products, and even tattoo and various forms of art.

Within the area of marketing and branding services for business, common kinds of graphic design services include image manipulation for use in websites, logo and brand development, advertising banners and signs, brochures, flyers, materials for mailed advertisements, images and elements for magazines, photo manipulation, and more.

Choosing a Graphic Design Company

Good Graphic Design often requires very good communication between a designer and client to ensure that the designer understands not just the client’s vision for the graphics that need to be created, but also the reason for the graphic’s creation and how the graphics will serve to generate results for the business or brand that will be using them. Therefore it’s important to use a graphic designer who you can have excellent communication with, either in person or by voice or video so you can clearly convey your vision and how the designs will serve you. Also, make sure that you’re aware of how the design process will work, including the expected timeline, expected budget, and what happens if you ask for revisions or additional related work such as modifying the graphics to be used in new applications or media.