Café do Paraíso Artisan roasted coffee company

Café do Paraíso is a speciality coffee company created by All in Web Pro's founder, Owen Carver. It's built from the belief that companies have the power to be the change we want to see in the world hence it's empowering tagline "drink coffee, change the world". Once Café do Paraíso's logo was created it was up to All in Web Pro's creative team to create the rest of companies brand identity including packaging, business collateral, social media presence, and eCommerce website.

The design for the website and packaging were created to reflect the companies values of quality, sustainability, and giving back. We gave the packaging a clean and fresh look that complimented the logo to keeping everything consistent. The packaging and business collateral are made and printed on the most earth friendly way possible. The biodegradable coffee bags and printed marketing materials are made up of recycled material and soy based inks. The website we created for Café do Paraíso is a fully responsive eCommerce site built on WordPress with WooCommerce integration, we used energy efficient computers throughout the whole process as well.

Client Café do Paraíso
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