Business Cards: Process

Do your Business Cards right by hiring professional graphic designers to develop an eye-catching business card for your brand or business. Our design process is fast, simple, and transparent. Call us today to get started or for a free consultation over the phone or in person in Las Vegas.

After our initial consultation and branding meeting our Las Vegas Graphic Designers will gathering any remaining information needed to create an initial mock-up concept of your business card and begin the creation process.

Our Designer will then present 2 separate card concepts to you, each with a front & back design. They will explain card stock considerations, varnishes & cuts and how these features might enhance or strengthen the first impressions your cards can make.
(More mock-up concepts can be designed for an additional cost per design round.)

Once you’ve taken your time to review the design concepts and passed your feedback to our team we would proceed with iterating on 1 or 2 of the concepts you selected.

Iterations are then made on 1 or 2 selected concepts and presented to back to you for review.

After this final presentation of the 1-2 colored card design iterations we will proceed with making any final design revisions necessary.
(If you are unsatisfied with the designs, we will be happy to make further iterations for and additional fee.)

With your final feedback received we then finalize the proofs of the approved designs and execute the last steps in our process before sending the business card design to the printers. We are happy to work closely with you to find the most convenient printing prices and options for you.

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