Logos & Brand Identity Creation

We love helping businesses energize their brand identity whether that’s through creating the face and icon for their brand for the first time, or taking existing concepts and styles and revamping them for a longer lasting and more professional and modern visage.

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Our Logo Design (Re-Design) Process

Consultation/research meeting

Initial mock-up design creation

Present 3-4 colored logo design options
(More mock-up designs can be designed for an additional fee)

Feedback received and revisions made.

Iterations made on 1 or 2 selected concepts

Present 3-4 colored logo design iterations
(More design iterations can be made for an additional fee)

Feedback received and revisions made.

Last revisions made and logo finalized

Or Vectorize An Existing Logo:

We can create a vector based graphic file that can be used to create billboard sized images of a logo. If your original logo was created as a rasterized image defined by colorized pixels instead of a vector based format then there is a limit to the size your logo can be expanded to. Having your logo vectorized enables it to be expanded to any size and always stay sharp and never become blurry. This will also make editing your logo easier in the future in case you need to use your logo for in other mediums that require black or white versions of your logo or with the background removed.

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