Our SEO Foundation Package Includes:

In order to get the maximum impact from any SEO campaign, you need to start with a properly optimized website. That’s exactly what this package is designed for. It lays the foundation for all future SEO efforts by ensuring that your existing webpages are yielding the maximum SEO output and not holding you back. Without knowing it, certain aspects of your website’s design may be acting like a brick, preventing your website from rising to the top of Google and other other search engines.

  • Keyword Selection (1-4 primary keywords, 10-20 secondary keywords)
  • Page Optimization (20 selected pages)
  • 3 Social Media/Local Directories Account Creation
  • 1 HTML & XML Sitemap
  • 3 Search Engine Submissions
  • 1 SEO & Social Media Reports
  • 10 Keyword & Traffic report for 1 year
  • WordPress Blog creation and optimization
  • Installation of WordPress SEO plugins
  • 2 Custom SEO optimized blog posts written by All in Web Pro
  • 10 New Back Links for site

We recommend our SEO Foundation package for anyone investing in SEO for the first time and for anyone serious about developing a powerful and long-lasting search engine presence. The SEO Foundation package itself is designed to not only maximize the effectiveness of all of your future SEO efforts, but will simultaneously improve the search engine visibility and rankings of your website as a result of the improved effectiveness of your existing content and pages.

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