All in Web Pro Announces Open Call for Vegas Visionaries

Press Release: All in Web Pro Announces Open Call for Vegas Visionaries

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Las Vegas based web and graphic design company All in Web Pro is announcing an open call to local visionaries to be part of a new community benefit project, in the form of an interview series called Vegas Visionaries. The series will highlight the voices of local leaders and visionaries of all ages in Southern Nevada by filming 4 minute interviews where they are asked 5 questions about their vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place. Videos of each interview are then posted to the website, Filming for pre-scheduled interviews take place at All in Web Pro’s satellite office, on the 2nd floor of the Emergency Arts building, on Fremont & 5th Street in downtown Las Vegas.

Anyone who considers Southern Nevada home and has a specific vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving & sustainable place is encouraged to apply to become a Vegas Visionary by contacting All in Web Pro by phone or email. Applicants must already be taking action on their vision and know what specific actions others can take to help make their vision a reality. Local residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply!

The interview questions are:

  1. What’s your name, title, organization and what you do there?
  2. What causes are you most passionate about?
  3. What’s your vision for a thriving and sustainable Las Vegas?
  4. What actions are you taking to make your vision a reality?
  5. What actions can other people take to make your vision a reality?

All in Web Pro has already conducted several interviews with individuals in the Education, Medicine, and Social Services sectors, and plans to interview leaders from all of Las Vegas’ biggest charity organizations, as well as a wide variety of individuals, regardless of their age or level of experience, as long as they meet the criteria for applying.

“This video series captures clearly the articulated visions of some of our valued community members! What is required is for you to add your vision, bringing integrity and passion to that vision”, said Gard Jameson, Co-Founder of Volunteers in Medicine and Professor of Philosophy at UNLV, who was one of the first people to be interviewed for the project.

"I think by providing a space for our thought-leaders to connect with entrepreneurs and community members across different industries and interests, we're going to see an acceleration of positive change here in Las Vegas", said Chris Reger, a local education entrepreneur, former Clark County School District teacher and Teach for America alumni who All in Web Pro recently interviewed.

“Vegas Visionaries can help link people that are doing work in our city. It’s important for the general public to be aware of all the innovative, exciting, and supportive work people are doing. Vegas Visionaries will also help inspire others who want to get involved but aren’t sure how”, said Juliana Urtubey, a Special Education Teacher and Garden Team Lead from Crestwood Elementary states after her experience of being filmed for the video series.

Owen Carver, the founder of All in Web Pro, who created the idea for Vegas Visionaries said, "Las Vegas has an abundance of opportunities for innovation, both economically and socially, which, with hard work and the right vision, could make Nevada a national leader in many ways. We already have all the knowledge and skills we need to solve our biggest problems in Las Vegas, our biggest obstacle is simply not being connected with the other people who are doing amazing work on the same issues."

With this interview series, All in Web Pro hopes to educate and engage budding new local visionaries, get them excited about solving the problems facing Las Vegas, and to share their visions with a larger audience so they have a better chance of becoming reality.

Fahima Khalaf, a recent participant and Muslim Community Advocate said, "I am thrilled to be a pioneer with Vegas Visionaries. My hope is to connect with like minded individuals that will innovate, inspire, and collaborate with me to make my vision for Las Vegas a reality."

Since 2010, All in Web Pro has been building websites and designing graphics for local businesses, and is a proud supporter of many local charities and causes. One example of this includes leading and organizing Vegas GiveCamp, a ‘hack-a-thon’ for charity, which raised over $300,000 in in-kind web & graphic services for local non-profits between 2013 & 2014. All in Web Pro has also donated thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours at Clark County schools with the help of Green Our Planet, a school garden education non-profit that has grown rapidly since 2013 and now helps run garden classroom curriculum programs in over 75 Clark County schools.

To apply or learn more contact All in Web Pro by phone or email or visit the Vegas Visionaries website

Send press inquiries to or contact All in Web Pro by phone or email.

Visit the Vegas Visionaries website for more details:
For press inquiries please email

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