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Las Vegas Web Design: Best of the Best DJ's

The owner of Best Of The Best DJs, one of the most award winning DJ Companies in Las Vegas specializing in weddings, birthdays, reunions and corporate events asked the All in Web Pro team for help with Las Vegas Web Design services for his new website re-design. He had had several bad experiences working with other web designers and was very hesitant about our design process and the ability to have revisions made before the project is complete. We reassured him that we are a professional web company that works hard to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our services at the completion of any web design project.

The client needed a website design that would highlight their many awards from The Knot and other wedding and DJ related review websites. It was unique that he had over 100 video testimonials from wedding couples who have worked with him! He already had an existing old website that had a decent amount of text content that we could use and over 100 video testimonials that we could use.

We took the content from the original website and reworked it into a new updated look and feel that was fun and visually stimulating. We used WordPress as our foundation and built all of the requested features within a highly responsive and customized WordPress theme that was easy to maintain and expand. We added custom forms and after making a lot of small adjustments to text and images we arrived at the website he has today.

Las Vegas Web Design Best of DJs

The client was very excited and happy to see that even after the first round of development the website pleasantly surprised him and exceeded his expectations for Las Vegas web design services compared to his prior experiences and the very modest price of the services. The client was so happy with the result and the value he received for the price he wrote the following testimonial for us.

We have worked with other web designers in the past and were never satisfied with the end result. The lack of creativity and the lack of knowledge in building the site has always been an issue.
This time around we hired All In Web Pro and they did a great job. They were professional from start to finish, easy to work with, and knocked the design out of the park on the first draft. Check out our website and see for yourself. Highly recommended.

If you're in Las Vegas and are in need of a great DJ that comes with a high level of recommendations and accolades, be sure to check out Best of the Best DJ's for your next event!

Las Vegas Web Design UI Trends in 2017

With every passing year, new trends and patterns emerge and become apparent in web design around the world. As the use of theme market places and templates becomes more commonplace in web design, and advanced design elements become more popular, many web designers are more and more using the same user interface (UI) elements. The high popularity of the WordPress CMS platform and theme marketplaces to purchase highly advanced WordPress templates, certain common UI patterns are becoming extremely common and easily recognizable. We have seen these used not just in Las Vegas web design but for businesses and brands everyone.

Here are the top five commonly seen UI patterns in web design.

1. The “Hamburger” Menu: Currently most people are familiar with those three horizontal lines that appear so often in the corners of web pages. This is the most common way to minimize navigation menus to fit on smaller screen sizes so they are not obtrusive to the user's browsing experience.

2. Multiple full-screen sized elements: may not have been the first website to use this technique for displaying content, but it has certainly popularized it. The tech giant known for selling their high quality mobile phones and hardware helped popularize this web design trend which is characterized by using full-page sized images, minimal text blocks, and clean open layouts. When you scroll down a webpage and notice that it is divided into individual sections that are each focused on a single product or service and you need to scroll down an entire page length to see another similar section that uses large images and a small amount of text, then you know what we're talking about.

3. The Long Scroll: At this point, placing most of the important elements of your web page above the fold (part of your webpage seen first by visitors) is common knowledge. A great way to add more information to your homepage is to utilize a long scroll layout style, which people are getting more accustomed to seeing thanks to their popularity on mobile devices.

4. The Card Layout: Pinterest and Amazon users will be familiar with the card layout used by these popular websites. Cards are becoming a popular format due to their ability to display small snippets of important information in small chunks. The best part about the card layout is that their rectangular shape makes them simple to rearrange as your design dictates.

5. Heroic Imagery: A powerful image on your website’s home page is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your visitors. The most common pattern we’re seeing in website design is to add an eye-catching hero image at the top with a card-based layout underneath it.

Your website design is key to your user’s experience with your brand or business. While these trends might not seem like the most unique way to grab people’s attention they are tried and true working methods that have been tested millions of times and either receive positive customer feedback or have been shown to improve conversion rates for desired customer interaction goals.

For more on how to get the most out of your website design, check out the services we offer at All in Web Pro.

Nevada Volunteer Research Initiative: Website Launch

The Nevada Volunteer Research Initiative (NVRI) started in 2014 wanting to provide information about volunteerism in Nevada and how to improve it. In 2015 they conducted a survey revealing details on the people who are volunteering and what motivates them to offer volunteer. They took the collected data and combined them into a report to share with colleagues and partner organizations. UNLV Professors Dr Jennifer Keene and Dr Takashi Yamamashita, both key members of the NVRI team, approached our Las Vegas Web Design team at All in Web Pro to come up with the best way to share their findings in a visually engaging online website that everyone could easily access. To help the NVRI we came up with a branding solution for a digital and print campaign to promote themselves and the survey; by creating a website, brochure, and redesigning the reports presentation.

The first concern they had was while they themselves were credible professors they needed a way to visually communicate the value of the data and establish the report as a reliable and legitimate source of important information at a glance. Their branding which included the logo design needed a combination of professional appearance mixed with bringing a sense of warmth and caring to reflect the philanthropic tone of the subject of their research, community volunteerism. We used a combination of traditional type fonts with a simple yet effective illustrated icon. This clean and modern style of drawing were carried throughout the rest of their branding assets.

The NVRI website was built in WordPress with a custom theme featuring CSS3 animated bars to make report stats visually appealing. You can visit to learn about them and their findings. You can even view a copy of their 2015 report which we designed.

Las Vegas Tech Education Schools & Resources

Is the bubble bursting? Or engulfing everything around it?

Did you know that most of the biggest tech conferences make Las Vegas one of their prime stops? The new tech and startup bubble in sin city began forming in 2012 and it hasn't stopped growing.

In 2016 Vegas had the pleasure of hosting HCM Excellence Conference, Learning Solutions: Sharing What Works, 2016 Spring CLO Symposium, DevLearn, CES, and many more in recent years including SXSW V2V and Collision Conference. The new tech conferences and resources appearing all over the place are due to an increasing appreciation in the government and business community for the many economic benefits of this fast paced growth sector.

Right now, Las Vegas is seeing a huge influx of tech related jobs; especially in green energy and the drone industry. Last year, Nevada was one of only six states to receive a two-year certificate of authorization from the FAA to test drone technologies in the state. That has brought companies from around the globe into Nevada, hoping to jump into this virgin market.

In addition to the ongoing innovations of this kind, the overall resources for growing and supporting the next generation of engineers in Vegas is covered from all angles! From high schools offering technological career paths such as the Advanced Technologies Academy and Career and Technical Academies in Clark County, to public Higher education degrees in tech from the College of Southern Nevada, CSN, Arts Institute, as well as independent training programs like Iron Yard and more.

The Money 20/20 Hackathon coming to Vegas on October 22nd to the 25th has been established as a premier event for the world’s best developers, and has set an entirely new standard for Hackathons globally. Last year’s event brought together teams that battled for $125K in cash prizes and international notoriety as they were challenged to showcase their skills and vision using the APIs, SDKs and other tools from today’s leading Payments and Financial Services Innovators.

Needless to say, the tech scene, with its opportunities for connection and education in Las Vegas are raising the bar to new levels of excitement and possibility and are destined to transfer this tourist destination city.

Tech Experts Receive Awards at 2016 Top Tech Exec Awards

VEGAS INC and Cox Business highlighted Southern Nevada’s greatest technical achievements at its sixth annual Top Tech Exec Awards at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

While guests enjoyed complimentary drinks and desserts from the Four Seasons’ catering department, the evening’s emcee and Greenspun Media Group’s publisher, Gordon Prouty announced the winners. Honorees were also featured in the November 20, 2016 issue of The Sunday and November 21, 2016 issue of Vegas INC.

An independent panel of judges, many of whom received a Top Tech Exec award in 2015 determined the winners. Selections were based on factors such as recent achievements, impact on his or her company, major projects, and more.

The 2016 Top Tech Exec honorees are:

  • Clifton Cole, Virtual Design and Construction Manager at The PENTA Building Group (private business)
  • Daniel Chapnick, Regional Manager at iD Tech Camps (education)
  • Jason Frame, Information Technology Manager at Southern Nevada Health District (government)
  • Zubin Damania, Founder and CEO of Turntable Health and (health care)
  • Mary Lynn Palenik, Vice President, Office of Strategy and Planning for Caesars Entertainment Corporation (hotel/gaming)
  • Randy Dearborn, Vice President at MGM Resorts International (public business)
  • Armena Mnatsakanyan, Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of Nevada (nonprofit)

Shavonnah Tiera Collins, Managing Director of RedFlint Experience Center was awarded the Community Exemplary Award. The brand new RedFlint Experience Center opened in October 2016, and seeks to provide startups, established companies, and entrepreneurs with access to new concepts, programs, and technology, as well as provide training to professionals who have fallen behind with rapidly advancing technology.

Congratulations to the award winners this year and all the nominees!

All in Web Pro Launches Vegas Visionaries

Press Release: All in Web Pro Launches Vegas Visionaries

For immediate release:

On November 1st 2016, local Web & Graphic Design company All in Web, LLC will launch a new community video project website entitled Vegas Visionaries. The company's founder, Owen Carver, had the idea to create a website to capture the ideas and passion of local leaders and innovators who have a vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place.

The goal is to use the power of the internet to share these kinds of ideas with everyone in Southern Nevada and connect local leaders and innovators who would have never otherwise connected. It's like Ted Talks but specifically about how to make Las Vegas a better place.

Once launched, anyone will be able to visit the website to watch 4 minute videos of local visionaries sharing their passion, ideas, and projects they are working on to make Las Vegas a better place. The website is designed to help educate Las Vegans about the power that ideas have to transform our world when they are turned into action.

Anyone who considers Southern Nevada home and has a specific vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place is encouraged to apply to become a Vegas Visionary online on their website. Residents are also encouraged to nominate anyone in their community. Applicants and nominees must already be taking action on their vision and know what specific actions others can take to help make their vision a reality. Local residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply! .

"In Las Vegas we have all the knowledge, skills, passion, and manpower to solve every challenge our communities face in Southern Nevada", says Carver. "Our biggest challenge is simply connecting everyone with other local visionaries and spreading stories about the many easy ways people can get involved to make their city better", he continued.

Founder, Owen Carver, is currently running for Nevada State Assembly in District 2 in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.

Videos can be viewed on starting November 1st 2016 or Subscribe to their YouTube channel at

For inquiries or comments please contact All in Web Pro at 702-331-0650 or Please visit for more information.

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AllinWebPro Emergency Arts



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Vegas Visionaries Logo



Professional Web Design Services

All in Web Pro is a professional web design company located in Las Vegas. Our professional web design, graphic design, custom web development, and internet marketing solutions are perfect for any size business. We create the perfect online presence for our clients that exceeds industry standards and expectations. Our services include not only professional web design but complete website overhauls, graphic design, custom web application programming, and search engine optimization through our local SEO partner. No matter your needs, All in Web Pro will deliver a quality strategy that will redefine and energize how you do business online.

When customers want to find a business, whether it's a local restaurant or a global retailer, the web is the first place they look. A professional web design can help you increase sales and expose your business to thousands of new clients. A professional web design not only makes it easy for customers to find your business on the web, but it also gives you a place where you can create your own unique online presence, from a full-blown web store to a simple online business card with your contact information, hours and location.

All of our professional web designs are created from scratch to deliver an attractive, usable and sustainable online presence to help your brand capture and convert new business opportunities and deliver your message to potential customers. No matter what your business objectives, our professional web design experts can create the perfect website to engage customers and drive sales. Our goal is to give you a great website that will help your business grow.

Once your website is complete, we can work on all of the other online aspects that help market your site and bring your company up to the top of search engines. Whether you are launching a new online store or you want to rebuild an existing one, we are here to help you every step of the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact All in Web Pro today and let us get started creating the professional web design you’ve always dreamed of.

All in Web Pro Announces Open Call for Vegas Visionaries

Press Release: All in Web Pro Announces Open Call for Vegas Visionaries

For immediate release:

Las Vegas based web and graphic design company All in Web Pro is announcing an open call to local visionaries to be part of a new community benefit project, in the form of an interview series called Vegas Visionaries. The series will highlight the voices of local leaders and visionaries of all ages in Southern Nevada by filming 4 minute interviews where they are asked 5 questions about their vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place. Videos of each interview are then posted to the website, Filming for pre-scheduled interviews take place at All in Web Pro’s satellite office, on the 2nd floor of the Emergency Arts building, on Fremont & 5th Street in downtown Las Vegas.

Anyone who considers Southern Nevada home and has a specific vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving & sustainable place is encouraged to apply to become a Vegas Visionary by contacting All in Web Pro by phone or email. Applicants must already be taking action on their vision and know what specific actions others can take to help make their vision a reality. Local residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply!

The interview questions are:

  1. What’s your name, title, organization and what you do there?
  2. What causes are you most passionate about?
  3. What’s your vision for a thriving and sustainable Las Vegas?
  4. What actions are you taking to make your vision a reality?
  5. What actions can other people take to make your vision a reality?

All in Web Pro has already conducted several interviews with individuals in the Education, Medicine, and Social Services sectors, and plans to interview leaders from all of Las Vegas’ biggest charity organizations, as well as a wide variety of individuals, regardless of their age or level of experience, as long as they meet the criteria for applying.

“This video series captures clearly the articulated visions of some of our valued community members! What is required is for you to add your vision, bringing integrity and passion to that vision”, said Gard Jameson, Co-Founder of Volunteers in Medicine and Professor of Philosophy at UNLV, who was one of the first people to be interviewed for the project.

"I think by providing a space for our thought-leaders to connect with entrepreneurs and community members across different industries and interests, we're going to see an acceleration of positive change here in Las Vegas", said Chris Reger, a local education entrepreneur, former Clark County School District teacher and Teach for America alumni who All in Web Pro recently interviewed.

“Vegas Visionaries can help link people that are doing work in our city. It’s important for the general public to be aware of all the innovative, exciting, and supportive work people are doing. Vegas Visionaries will also help inspire others who want to get involved but aren’t sure how”, said Juliana Urtubey, a Special Education Teacher and Garden Team Lead from Crestwood Elementary states after her experience of being filmed for the video series.

Owen Carver, the founder of All in Web Pro, who created the idea for Vegas Visionaries said, "Las Vegas has an abundance of opportunities for innovation, both economically and socially, which, with hard work and the right vision, could make Nevada a national leader in many ways. We already have all the knowledge and skills we need to solve our biggest problems in Las Vegas, our biggest obstacle is simply not being connected with the other people who are doing amazing work on the same issues."

With this interview series, All in Web Pro hopes to educate and engage budding new local visionaries, get them excited about solving the problems facing Las Vegas, and to share their visions with a larger audience so they have a better chance of becoming reality.

Fahima Khalaf, a recent participant and Muslim Community Advocate said, "I am thrilled to be a pioneer with Vegas Visionaries. My hope is to connect with like minded individuals that will innovate, inspire, and collaborate with me to make my vision for Las Vegas a reality."

Since 2010, All in Web Pro has been building websites and designing graphics for local businesses, and is a proud supporter of many local charities and causes. One example of this includes leading and organizing Vegas GiveCamp, a ‘hack-a-thon’ for charity, which raised over $300,000 in in-kind web & graphic services for local non-profits between 2013 & 2014. All in Web Pro has also donated thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours at Clark County schools with the help of Green Our Planet, a school garden education non-profit that has grown rapidly since 2013 and now helps run garden classroom curriculum programs in over 75 Clark County schools.

To apply or learn more contact All in Web Pro by phone or email or visit the Vegas Visionaries website

Send press inquiries to or contact All in Web Pro by phone or email.

Visit the Vegas Visionaries website for more details:
For press inquiries please email

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Emergency Arts Downtown Las Vegas



AllinWebPro Emergency Arts



All in Web Pro Las Vegas Web Design



Vegas Visionaries Logo



Web Design for Boosting Sales & Conversions

Balance Aesthetics with Conversion

If you sell products online or use your website to refer customers to your business, it’s important that your website does a good job of converting visitors into sales or leads. When designing a new website or updating an old one, it’s quite common to focus on aesthetics. However, this could be disastrous for the business goals you want to accomplish with your website if you don't ensure that you're website is designed to achieve the goal you created it for in the first place. It’s best to try to find a balance between your website's goals and aesthetics together and come up with a “design that sells”, or in other words, converts traffic into the sales or actions you want your visitors to take.

Every Web Design Element Counts

When designing a new website, it’s important to understand that the design of your website not only represents who you are as a company but is also a major influence on the amount of sales or leads generated via the website. And these days, websites have become the first major means of communication between you and your potential customers making it very important to have good website design. However, web design is not just the visual design that we see, but it’s the entire structure, architecture, user interface, graphics, user flow, and website layout. By properly utilizing these as well as color, contrast, images, and typefaces it’s possible to boost your website’s conversion rates with a coordinated focus that envisions how all these elements work together to drive your target conversion.

Focus Your Web Visitors' Attention

Depending on which strategies and creative techniques are used while designing a given website, higher or lower conversion rates can be achieved. Once visitors know that your website has something your visitors are interested in, the visual design of your website can draw them in and can help focus their attention on what matters and move them to take your desired action or "conversion". Our team of web designers at All in Web Pro in Las Vegas understand that certain parts of your website are more important that others, such as forms, calls to action, value propositions etc, and that your website requires appropriate techniques to make those parts of your website get more attention than other less critical areas.

Simplification May Convert Best

One way to start boosting your website’s conversion rate that is being adopted more often by brands that have a single conversion goal, such as a single signup option is to create a simple and clutter-free design that doesn’t confuse visitors about which direction to go, or what to click on. Remove any unnecessary links, pointless information and extraneous images from your website to eliminate distractions as much as possible. Simple web layouts may work best for websites with that only have one single conversion goal. Also, check out your competitors’ websites to see what conversion tactics they may be utilizing, as sometimes the optimal conversion tactic for a specific audience or industry can be unintuitive and something discovered over a period of time through trial and error such as A/B testing.

Remove the Clutter & Extra Details

Try creating a simple and clutter-free design which doesn't make the user confused with too many options about which direction to go or where to click. Removing unnecessary links, information that doesn’t lead towards action and unsupportive images from your website can eliminate distractions and focus a visitor’s attention towards the action you want them to take. Although this is a simple design tip, the results you might achieve by following it while still adhering to good web design principles could give you a massive boost to the conversion rates of your website.

About All in Web Pro

All in Web Pro in Las Vegas provides custom web design and graphic design services. One of our specialties is creating conversion optimized web designs that will help you increase sales and refer more clients to your business.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your online goals. 702-331-0650

5 Tips for Choosing a Las Vegas Web Development Company

Anyone in Las Vegas can call themselves a Web Developer

Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, choosing a web developer in Las Vegas can be a difficult task. There are no licensing requirements for web developers and the barriers for entry are almost nonexistent. This has caused the web development market to become flooded with freelancers and companies of all skill levels, skill types, experience, and capabilities. In this article, we’ll give you 5 tips for finding the perfect Las Vegas web development company for your next website project or advanced web application.

1. Find a Professional Web Development Specialist

Many web developers, (web dev&39;s) claim that they can do it all. In reality, most web developers are primarily either graphic designers, web designers, content specialists, or programmers. Each of these fields are very specialized, and it’s uncommon to find people who are experts in more than 1 or two of them. When looking for a web developer in Las Vegas, we suggest asking them who will be doing the graphics, where the text content will come from, who is setting up the website in the online CMS platform such as WordPress or SquareSpace, and who will be providing the programming or coding work if at all. If it’s the same person doing two or more of these things, we recommend paying close attention to their previous work in their portfolio and asking to see live examples of their work online that's actively being used by past clients of theirs.

2. Check Their Portfolio

A web developer’s portfolio is a good indication of the type of work you can expect from them for your own website. When reviewing their portfolio, keep an eye out for aspects that you might want incorporated into your website. If you are looking for the latest in design trends or cutting-edge technology, look for those types of designs in their portfolio, or find them on other websites and ask them if they can build something similar. On the other hand, if you’re looking to have a website developed that involves complex programming, ensure the developer has examples of this as well and ask key questions about cost, timelines, and what to expect.

3. Be Marketing Minded and Ready to do SEO

In the early days of the internet, simply having a website was enough to be found by both current and potential customers. In 2016, having a website is just one aspect of your overall web presence. It’s important to make sure that the web developer will create the site in a way that makes it easy to perform SEO (search engine optimization) tasks, such as updating meta data, or that automatically incorporate search engine friendly tags on images, links, URL page addresses, and that link internally and externally appropriately. This will help you increase your rankings in search engines and make it easier for customers to find you, especially if you are going to be blogging, launching an SEO campaign, or hiring a separate company to do your SEO afterwards.

4. Have a Long Term Web Development Strategy

Another thing you should consider when choosing a web developer in Las Vegas is the scope of ongoing maintenance and the charges the site will require and incur after initial development is complete. It’s also important to understand at what point your initial projects ends and the maintenance phase of your relationship begins. If your website id being developed in phases, having a clear roadmap and expectations for ongoing work is even more important.

5. Have Excellent and Convenient Communication Channels

Once you’ve narrowed your web developer choices down, it’s a good idea to speak with the developer directly, and in person or on video if possible. This will help you understand how well they communicate, how well they understand your vision, if your get along well with them, and it’s a good indication of how well you can manage and maintain your positive working relationship when important and detailed communication is needed during your project. It’s also one last measure of safety before you invest in having the web developer begin working on your project. We don't ever recommend hiring someone who doesn't speak your native language, or who comes from a cultural background that is different than yours as this may dramatically change the way they interpret your instructions and vision for the project.

About All in Web Pro - Las Vegas Web Developers

All in Web Pro is a premier web design and web development company in the Las Vegas area. We focus on providing custom web design and development solutions to the Las Vegas area and beyond. Whether your project is a blog, custom web application, or business website, we can take your web presence to the next level.

Call us today for a free web development consultation to get a free estimate for your next custom website or web application. 702-331-0650