All in Web Pro Launches Vegas Visionaries

Press Release: All in Web Pro Launches Vegas Visionaries

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On November 1st 2016, local Web & Graphic Design company All in Web, LLC will launch a new community video project website entitled Vegas Visionaries. The company’s founder, Owen Carver, had the idea to create a website to capture the ideas and passion of local leaders and innovators who have a vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place.

The goal is to use the power of the internet to share these kinds of ideas with everyone in Southern Nevada and connect local leaders and innovators who would have never otherwise connected. It’s like Ted Talks but specifically about how to make Las Vegas a better place.

Once launched, anyone will be able to visit the website to watch 4 minute videos of local visionaries sharing their passion, ideas, and projects they are working on to make Las Vegas a better place. The website is designed to help educate Las Vegans about the power that ideas have to transform our world when they are turned into action.

Anyone who considers Southern Nevada home and has a specific vision for how to make Las Vegas a more thriving and sustainable place is encouraged to apply to become a Vegas Visionary online on their website. Residents are also encouraged to nominate anyone in their community. Applicants and nominees must already be taking action on their vision and know what specific actions others can take to help make their vision a reality. Local residents of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply! .

“In Las Vegas we have all the knowledge, skills, passion, and manpower to solve every challenge our communities face in Southern Nevada”, says Carver. “Our biggest challenge is simply connecting everyone with other local visionaries and spreading stories about the many easy ways people can get involved to make their city better”, he continued.

Founder, Owen Carver, is currently running for Nevada State Assembly in District 2 in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.

Videos can be viewed on starting November 1st 2016 or Subscribe to their YouTube channel at

For inquiries or comments please contact All in Web Pro at 702-331-0650 or Please visit for more information.

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