Las Vegas Web Design: Best of the Best DJ's

The owner of Best Of The Best DJs, one of the most award winning DJ Companies in Las Vegas specializing in weddings, birthdays, reunions and corporate events asked the All in Web Pro team for help with Las Vegas Web Design services for his new website re-design. He had had several bad experiences working with other web designers and was very hesitant about our design process and the ability to have revisions made before the project is complete. We reassured him that we are a professional web company that works hard to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our services at the completion of any web design project.

The client needed a website design that would highlight their many awards from The Knot and other wedding and DJ related review websites. It was unique that he had over 100 video testimonials from wedding couples who have worked with him! He already had an existing old website that had a decent amount of text content that we could use and over 100 video testimonials that we could use.

We took the content from the original website and reworked it into a new updated look and feel that was fun and visually stimulating. We used WordPress as our foundation and built all of the requested features within a highly responsive and customized WordPress theme that was easy to maintain and expand. We added custom forms and after making a lot of small adjustments to text and images we arrived at the website he has today.

Las Vegas Web Design Best of DJs

The client was very excited and happy to see that even after the first round of development the website pleasantly surprised him and exceeded his expectations for Las Vegas web design services compared to his prior experiences and the very modest price of the services. The client was so happy with the result and the value he received for the price he wrote the following testimonial for us.

We have worked with other web designers in the past and were never satisfied with the end result. The lack of creativity and the lack of knowledge in building the site has always been an issue.
This time around we hired All In Web Pro and they did a great job. They were professional from start to finish, easy to work with, and knocked the design out of the park on the first draft. Check out our website and see for yourself. Highly recommended.

If you're in Las Vegas and are in need of a great DJ that comes with a high level of recommendations and accolades, be sure to check out Best of the Best DJ's for your next event!

Epic Food Blog Website Launch

Epic Food Blog was the idea of private chef Kevin Noar who needed to have a blog to showcase and share his recipes online. Each of the recipes contained in the blog feature many high quality imagery to help the reader see how a dish is created step by step. A modern, clean, and simple style was chosen to ensure that the content would be the main focus for site visitors and some serif style font called Playfair Display was injected for headings. Each recipe post on the Epic Food Blog website has the ability to be optimized for either web viewing, Pinterest sharing, or a custom printer-friendly card style layouts. To help Kevin achieve the most out of his website we provided one-on-one training on everything from WordPress admin functions, social sharing, basic site analytics and SEO best practices.

Epic Food Blog is a self-hosted WordPress site featuring a highly customized theme we styled and edited specifically for Epic Food Blog. The site also has several social sharing tools integrated directly into both the WordPress back-end. Make sure to have a look at the Epic Food Blog and download some recipes for your next meal!

When looking for a Las Vegas Web Design company contact All in Web Pro for your next website project and let your vision become reality! 702.306.6455

Vegas Ipsum

New Website Launch: VEGAS IPSUM

Seems like every one and everything is getting their own form of Ipsum these days...

Lorem Ipsum is filler text designers use in preliminary layouts to visually demonstrate text formatting with out the distraction of meaningful content, usually Latin text. As more and more designers crank out new designs, Latin text seems to become rather dull and boring, that is why Bacon Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum, and even Samuel L. Ipsum come along to save the humdrum day! Yet, here at All in Web Pro, we felt there was something missing...
Sure bacon is delicious and tasty, but do you need that much extra calories in your design?
Yes hipster speak is totally "mainstream" and "cool", and who doesn't quote Samuel L. movie statements on a daily basis?

But what's more fun and exciting then Sin City herself??? The design is a fun bright retro throw back to Las Vegas! This is its initial launch and will soon be introducing new features which will include more Categories like: Gambling, Vegas Strip, Vegas Tech, Area 51, Movies, and more! Plus new Vegas Characters are set to make their appearances on the home page. So make to sure to bookmark it! Share it! And check back regularly for all the new features as you Vegas your Ipsum!

What ever happens on Vegas Ipsum... is a lot more interesting then other Ipsums. VEGAS your Ipsum!

New Website Launch: Song of the Day

Song of the Day has been redesigned with new features and tools to allow users to generate greater exposure for their favorite bands. The site has been built so that anyone can submit a artist and a link to a video, along with a review to be shared with the world. Then Song of the Day takes this submitted song and review and puts in an even playing field for it to compete with out concern of needing a large marketing budget. Everyday a new song is selected by editors using a rigid set of rules and guidelines as the Song of Day and it is then featured on the home page.

The original Song of the Day site was conceived and launched by our founder Owen Carver over 2 years ago. This current version of the site  is just the next step in Song of the Day's evolution. We hope that with the social media tools, submissions, and review system we will be able to give the world a new platform to share and discover music on.

Please click here to see the current live site.

New Website Design: Prakti - Changing the World with Cookstoves

Changing the World

PraktiDesign.com is the website home of Prakti, an exciting new social venture startup that's working hard to develop innovative technology that will significantly improve the health of women and children in developing countries. Their innovation is clean cookstove technology! They've created an advanced cookstove system specifically designed to be affordable for mass distribution in the developing world, and they've already begun operations in India, Haiti, and Nepal. Most people wouldn't think smoke from a cookstove could be such an important issue, but it's one of the top 5 killers in developing countries today, causing over 1.9 million premature deaths every year mostly among women and children who cook food in covered indoor stoves which release harmful particulates into their homes.

Owen Carver had the opportunity to meet the founder of Prakti, Mouhsine Serrar, last year at the UnReasonable Institute in Boulder Colorado during the 2 days leading up to the UnReasonable Climax event. The Climax is a startup stage where 25 entrepreneur graduates from the UnReasonable Institute's 6 week program present their for-profit social ventures to a packed audience of academics, investors, and like-minded individuals passionate about changing the world.

Prakti was one of two startups presented that received awards from Siegel & Gale, a global strategic branding firm based in New York, which entitled them to receive free banding services from the firm along with a blue-print for a new website. After some time Prakti reached out to All in Web Pro for help with the execution of these brand strategies through the redesign of their website.

While working closely with Prakti and the Siegel & Gale team, we generated an modern interpretation of this new user-friendly and easy to navigate website aimed at providing key information to investors and partners through a story-based content system designed for easy ongoing maintenance and expansion.

We're proud to be able to support Prakti in their mission to change the world through innovative cookstove solutions and are honored that they look to us for their web design needs.